Medicare Rebate

Australian Medicare Rebate Scheme Details

Enhanced Primary Care Initiative.

Eligibility: Chronic Disease (Autism qualifies).

Referred by G.P.

5 visits to Allied Health Professional per year.

Assessment/ treatment services for children with Autism/ PDD.

Eligibility: Diagnosis: Autism (up to 13 years of age).

Referred by Paediatrician.

20 visits to Psychologist until 13 years old.

Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative.

Eligibility: Parent/ Child: Associated with mental health: Anxiety/ Depression/ living with child special needs.

Referred by G.P 10 visits to Psychologist per year.

HCWA / FaHCSIA and Better Start

Referred by Autism Victoria: Autism Advisor.

Access services by approved providers (Allied Health Professionals).

Eligibility: Autism, 0 to 5 years old.