Family and children services

Developmental learning areas

  • Imitation.
  • Perception.
  • Matching and grouping.
  • Fine motor.
  • Gross motor.
  • Receptive language.
  • Following Instructions.
  • Expressive language.
  • Understanding language concepts.
  • Conversation.
  • Comprehension.
  • Academic.
  • Behaviour management.

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Breakdown of services offered at Learn To Shine


Psychological Assessments


Psychological assessment tests include:

Intelligence Cognitive Assessments.
Autism Diagnosis.
Educational Assessments.
Adaptive Behaviour.
Social skills.

Purpose: School entry, Funding applications, Diagnosis, Medicare rebates.

Costs: Vary depending on assessment.

Process: Contact 'Learn to Shine: Psychology for Children'. Parents complete 'Client Information' form and send to 'Learn to Shine'. Assessment conducted over 1 or 2 sessions. Written report provided for each assessment.




Expressive language: Requesting, commenting, asking and answering questions.

Receptive understanding of language.

Following instructions, language concepts.

Conversation skills: Answering, initiating and reciprocating questions and comments.

Joint Attention: Pointing, eye contact, body posture and gestures.

Picture Exchange Communication System: PECS Picture Schedule Systems.

Electronic devices for communication.


Educational Programming


Educational programming for children.

Educational and behavioural assessment and programming.

Intensive programs developed for your child to target specific needs.

Tutoring provided by therapists.

Parents trained to work with their child.

ABA programs using Pivotal Response Treatment.


Children with Anxiety


General anxiety, separation anxiety, fear, social phobias, school refusal, obsessive compulsive disorders.

Typically functioning children with anxiety.

Process: Contact 'Learn to Shine: Psychology for Children' Parents complete 'Client Information' form and send to 'Learn to Shine'.

Parents provide referral letters from G.P to obtain Medicare rebates.



Play/Social Skills Development


At school, home or in the community.

Play skills assessed and deficits in play identified.

Play dates can be targeted to increase social skills.

Increase in confidence and reduction in anxiety.

Training provided for parents, teachers and therapists.


Behaviour Management


Functional behavioural assessment conducted: to define the problematic behaviour/s.

Programs and strategies developed and implemented.

Training provided for parents, teachers, therapists.


Workshops and Training


Learn to Shine offers a wide range of training courses for families, therapists, teachers and professionals.

Training can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Psychologists can travel to you.

Courses can run from one hour to a full day.

For full details on our workshops Click Here.


Self help and daily living skills


Toileting, Eating, Sleeping, Dressing, Washing, Brushing Teeth.

Assessment conducted and deficit areas identified.

Skills broken down and taught at the child's level.

Programs and strategies developed to target behaviours at home and in the community.

Training provided for parents.


School Inclusion


School observations conducted.

Behaviour management plan developed.

Social skill and academic skills targeted.

Advocacy for parents at school meetings.

Training on a range of school related topics provided.

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