ABA: (Applied Behaviour Analysis)

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ABA is an intensive behavioural intervention for children  with a developmental delay such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or PDD  (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).  ABA  is a behavioural approach to analysing and then teaching children. Skills are  broken down into parts and taught to the child in steps.  The steps are practiced until the child  acquires the whole skill.

At Learn to Shine we implement Pivotal Response Treatment model.  This is a child centered approach to teaching. This model is different to discrete trial teaching which is predominately adult direct teaching.  PRT is based on motivational  teaching. Please read the attached information to understand how ABA has evolved and why Learn to Shine implements this model of ABA. Read More Here.  Also check out our Koegel books resource document.

A Psychologist will assess the child’s strengths and  weaknesses across all areas of development (self help skills/ language/ play  skills/ imitation/ motor skills/ perception).

Parents are trained to implement the programs at home.  The Psychologist will supervise the program  and meet with the family on a regular basis (fortnightly/ monthly).

Parents are recommended to hire therapists to work in their  home with their child.   Research  suggests that more hours the child receives the more they will learn.  We recommend the child receives at least 10  hours a week if therapy.

Parents can access funding through Medicare (Enhanced  Primary Care Initiative, Mental Health Care Initiative and Helping Child with  Autism Initiative).   Fahcsia funding can  be accessed for children under 7 years, who have a diagnosis of Autism.

Initial Process:
  • Call or email ‘Learn to Shine: Psychology for  Children’
  • Parents to source information on ABA (internet/  books/ articles/ contact ABIA)
  • Parents complete ‘Client Information’ form and  send to ‘Learn to Shine’
  • Parents provide Fahcsia eligibility letter from Autism Advisor (Autism Victoria)
  • Parents provide referral letters from G.P and  Pediatricians to obtain Medicare rebates
  • Parents provide psychological reports: outlining  functional assessment and diagnosis
  • Parents to decide:
    • Who: will be implementing therapy:
    • When: the therapy will be conducted across the  week
    • Where: will the therapy be implemented
  • Parents to source instructors if parents need  support to implement therapy
  • Parent can hire trained instructors from LTS to work at their home, school or at the clinic with their child
Initial Program Set Up: Clinic based  services:
  • Initial consultation with Psychologist, parents  and child:  Psychologist will observe  child, conduct assessment to assess developmental strengths and weaknesses, and  discuss learning goals with parents. (1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Psychologist will develop Individualized program  targeting all areas of childhood development.
  • Second consultation: Meeting with Psychologist, parents  and instructors:  Psychologist will train  parents and instructors on the principles of ABA and effective teaching  methods.  (Up to 3 hours)
  • Third consultation: Meeting with Psychologist,  parents, instructors and child (2 hours)
Ongoing supervision:  Clinic based services
  • Future meetings: Fortnightly or monthly meetings  with Psychologist, parents, child and instructors to review programs (2 hours).
ABA documentation and information

View our ABA outline and intake procedure information : ABA Outline and Intake procedure

View our ABA therapy based treatment documentation : ABA Therapy based on Pivotal Response Treatment